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Hi! My name is Stephen ( Steve ) Nott. I am originally from Ardleigh, near Colchester, Essex, UK - but now live in Singapore. I have been here since 1980 working for an ASEAN Multinational. I retired as of 31st January 2007 having reached the compulsory retirement age and am now exploring other avenues. My particular expertise is in Ventilation Fans and the control of Noise and Vibration.

I am married to Jackie, a local Chinese, and after retirement I joined her business which is involved in the selling of machinery to the food processing industry.

We are agents for Hallde, Sweden selling commercial food preparation machines ( vegetable cutters ) & Silex, Germany selling Dual Contact Grills & Waffle Bakers etc.


You can visit our company website MEYASU to see the products we sell.

We have two girls,in their 20's.

Cheryl was at the National University of Singapore for 3 Years, studying for , and obtaining, a psychology degree. She now works for a very large "Consultancy" organisation.
Chloe was doing a lot of sports at Raffles Girls Secondary but a torn ligament in March 2005 put her "out of action".
Basketball seems to have been her main activity. She also did Shotput ( National Champion "C" Division 2003 -- also represented Singapore at the Walla Games ) but because of her injury could only come 3rd ( "B" Division ) 2005. In 2006 she came 2nd ( "A" Division ).
She completed her "A" Levels and got 5A's + Merit.
After 3 years at Warwick University, UK, ( P.P.E.) she obtained a Masters at LSE, ( passed with merit ).She now works at a government agency.
Both Cheryl & Chloe hold Adult Black Belts, 1st Dan for Karate ( Goju-kai ).

My interests are most sports, although I'm only active at swimming nowadays, computers ( amateur at Visual Basic ), and of course family life.

We spent a few days in 2003 on the island of Perhentian ( off the East Coast of Malaysia ), with some friends from the UK. This is a view from our Chalet. The snorkelling was great and my wife and youngest daughter also did some scuba-diving....10m down !!.

In 2006 we "toured" Malaysia, KL through to the Cammeron Highlands and right up to the Thai border then down to Kuantan ( 2 nights at the Hilton ). Our friend from England, Junior, was again with us. Malaysia is certainly a very beautiful country and we really enjoyed the short trip.

In April 2007 we took a short cruise, Singapore - Penang - Phuket on Star Lines VIRGO. With day long tours of Penang and Snorkling at Phuket it a was much better trip than I expected. Didn't have a gamble at the VIRGO Casino, although I was tempted

Later in April 2007 we visited Vietnam. There are supposedly 30m motorcycles for a population of 80m. Judged by what I saw in Saigon ( Ho Chi Min City ) it's probably true. However all the bikes are small, <= 175cc, and also 4 Stroke so pollution appears to be minimal. It's certainly a beautiful country. We went to Mui Ne and then on to Nha Trang, 200 and 400Km up the coast from Saigon. Everything is very, very, cheap ( compared to Singapore ) and most tourists seem to hire motorbikes to get around ( about 5.00US$ a day ). If u get the chance visit Vietnam....before everybody else does. One of the highlights was visiting and going down the famous tunnels outside Saigon and trying 20 rounds with an AK47.

In August 2009 we visited Sibu Island, off the East Coast of Malaysia, for a short break. Accomodation was basic but the beach is very long and completely deserted for the 3 days we were there. Water was quite clear but not a lot of coral left unfortunately.

In November 2009 we visited Coimbatore & Mysore, Southern India, for a short break. Very interesting especially Mysore Palace. Visited the Royal Enfield showroom in Coimbatore.

In July 2010 we visited Krabi, off the East Coast of Thailand, for a short break. The beaches on the offshore islands were very nice. Water was quite clear but not a lot of coral left unfortunately.


In June / July 2011 we visited Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome and the UK, a 45 Day Holiday !!

In August 2013 we visited Sri Lanka, a wonderful country. It was during the monsoon season but luckily the weather was ideal during our stay.
We hired a van with freelance driver ( Jim ) whom I can highly recommend, as he arranged everything we wanted to do.
Jim's E'mail

It has 1,330 kilometres of coastline - much of it pristine beach - 15 national parks showcasing an abundance of wildlife, nearly 500,000 acres of lush tea estates, 250 acres of botanical gardens, 350 waterfalls, 25,000 water bodies, to a culture that extends back to over 2,500 years.

So many things to see, Bird watching, Elephant Safari, Pinnewela Elephant Orphanage, Temple of the Tooth Relic, Dambulla temple, Sigiriya Rock fortress, Ancient City of Polonnaruwa, Ancient City of Anuradhapura.

Enjoyed all including Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka's tea growing centre, situated amidst an endless carpet of tea estates. Visited a tea factory to witness the production of world�s best tea ( MACKWOODS ). Nuwara Eliya, is the little England of Sri Lanka, and saw the colonial member�s only Hill Club and English styled country homes.

Went on Elephant Safari, Temple of the Tooth Relic, Dambulla temple, Sigiriya Rock fortress, Ancient City of Polonnaruwa, Ancient City of Anuradhapura, and continued exploring the city of Polonnaruwa the Minneriya Wildlife reserve neighbouring Kavdullah National Park ( a vast sanctuary home to about 250 wild elephants, wild buffaloes, spotted deer, sloth bear and more ).

Pinnawala National Park

( The Antartic is next land mass south of here !! )

Sigiriya Rock Fortress
( You can walk to the top - I did not, but my daughters did ! )

Few places in the world can offer the traveler such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences within such a compact location.
The Wonder of Asia

In September / October 2014 we visited Greece. Luckily the weather was ideal during our stay.
Our accomodation was via "airbnb", a private flat in Athens, which we used as a base for various tours to places of interest. Highlights included the Acropolis, Museums, Meteora ( Monastries ), Temple Of Zues ( at the Southern tip of the mainland ), and 2 days cruise and stay at Santorini.
All very enjoyable, and it was good to see so many tourists "helping" to revive the economy.

After Greece we traveled to UK and Paris to complete our hols.


Athens View

1896 Olympics Stadium

In late March 2015 we visited Japan. Luckily the weather was fairly good, but cold ( 6-11C ), during our stay.
The Cherry Blossom was just starting to flower, one week later we would have seen them in all their glory.
We visited Osaka, Kyoto, and Mt Fugi area. Highlights included seeing Mt Fugi fairly close up (although our trip to the 4th or 5th station had to be cancelled due to bad weather ) and of course traveling on the Shinkasen HS Train.
In Kyoto we also visited the Castle, the Golden Temple and the Kiyomizudera/Yasaka ( Gion ) Shrine. All very enjoyable, food great, the trains and buses run on time, every time - and all toilets seem to be of the high tech type!!

Mount Fugi - from our hotel

Mishima ( Mt Fugi ) to Kyoto - 365Km in < 2hours !!!

Yasaka Shrine - Cherry Blossom just starting

In late November 2015 we visited Japan again ( business & pleasure ). The weather was fairly good ( 20C ) during our stay.
We visited Osaka and then Kobe. During short time in Osaka we visited the Umeda Sky Building a futuristic building which rises 170 metres into the Osaka skyline. Most of the building is occupied by offices, but there is an observation deck on the 39th floor.
Sky Building

Highlights of Kobe included going to the peak of Mt Rokko ( by cable car and bus ) and the next day, Mt Maya. Unfortunately the cable car to the very peak had been cancelled due to rain and high winds.
In Kobe we also visited the 1995 EarthQuake Memorial Park, ( The Great Hanshin-Awaji Quake of 17th January, magnitude 7.2 }, also a Sake Brewery, China Town, various shopping centers, the Rose Garden. Finally the famous Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge. The central span was designed for a span of some 1910m but due to the EarthQuake was amended to 1911m !!!
All very enjoyable, food great, again all the trains and buses run on time, every time - and all toilets seem to be of the high tech type!!

Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge Cable ( 1.12m dia )

In September 2016 we had a long holiday in Europe visiting Spain ( Barcelona ), Iceland ( Reykavic ) and the UK.
The weather was very good in Spain but of course Iceland was quite cold whilst the UK was typical for the time of year
So many photos to go through before i post some good ones.
In the UK we spent some time in Colchester seeing family and friends before we ventured to Wales, an area which we have never really toured before.
Touring from Holyhead down to Pembroke really was fantastic, we didn't realise how spectacular it was. Only disappointment was the the booked train ride to the top of Mt Snowden was cancelled due to bad weather at the higher levels.
Areana_Barcelona ( The old bullring )

Sagrada Famillia Barcelona

Gullfoss Iceland

Skalafellsjokull Iceland

Pembrooke Castle Wales

In September 2016 we had a long holiday in USA visiting Los Angelese, Las Vegas & San Francisco.
It was our first time in the USA and the weather was very good
So many photos to go through before i post some good ones.
Hoover Dam Turbines

My hobbies and interests include computers (obviously), world politics, soccer ( Colchester United, Div 1, ( am I their only supporter in S'Pore?)). I also like action movies, a good book, a good documentary or a good comedy.

I've aquired a Honda NS400R Motorcycle and joined the owners club. It's only a 1985 model and only 400cc ( 72bhp ) but is very quick. I've also managed to get the workshop manual .... if any other enthusiast's are interested in a copy....please e'mail me.

I've aquired in 2004 a BSA 1955 B31 Motorcycle and have joined the BSAOC UK owners club. It's was a wreck but I'm slowly converting it to B32 or B34 standard ( the GoldStar ).I cannot guess how long it's going to take.( Its near enough completed 20/11/2007 )

History of some BSA Models ( many pics - slow download )

Service Sheets for  BSA Motorcycles & LUCAS Electrical Equipment for sale ( Paypal ).

Fasteners for BSA MotorCyles ( large file )

All about Sparking Plugs   

NEW - KIM_THE_CD_MAN's CD's on BSA, Norton, Triumph, Matchless/AJS and Lucas.
   ( You can Buy using PayPal )    We also have a Referal Program Make some money!

Links to :
BSA M/Cycle Info
& other WebPages
Fan Quotation   Sound   Vibration Isolators Quotation   Vibrations   Vibration   Springs   Noise Summation   Noise NC Levels   Reverberation Time   Duct Attenuator Quotation   BSA - Motorcycle Project   BSA - Bearings   BSA - GoldStar Cams   BSA - Models   BSA - History   BSA - Paint    BSA - B Series Part No's   BSA - Service Sheets   BSA - Fasteners   BSA - CEI Threads   BSA - Chains   BSA - Clutch   BSA - 4 Spring Clutch   BSA - Lucas Dynamo   BSA - Gearbox ( A10 )   BSA - Gearing   BSA - AMAL GP's   BSA - GoldStar Data   BSA - Lucas Magneto   BSA - Spark Plugs   BSA - Spanner Sizes   BSA - Tyre Sizes   BSA - M20 S   Affiliated Engineering   Ferrari GT4   Honda NS400R Motorcycle  

For Sale Lucas MO1L Magneto Parts.

For Sale CEI Taps & Dies ( 26TPI ).

Email me your Name, Address and your detailed requirements to receive a quote by return.

Also I bought a Ferrari in 1999 308GT4 It's only a 1974 model, 3000cc ( 250bhp ). In 2000 the engine was sent over to the UK, to Superformance, for a complete overhaul. I've managed to get the workshop manual .... if any other enthusiast's are interested in a copy....please e'mail me.

Update: I finally sold it ( September 2012 ) at same price I paid for it.

In November 2001 I finally scrapped the 1980 Honda Accord 1.6 ( if was rusting from the inside out ! ). I'de had it 21 years, 2 re-bores, 300,000km, so cannot complain. Eventually bought a Nissan NX1600 Coupe for basically driving to and from work. It's only a 1992 model , but its lovely to drive and is quite quick. It's thirsty though, only 10km/l.


Right Side Picture - May 2009 - Respray after being shunted in rear !!

Finally scrapped Nissan in October 2012 as COE would have cost 55,000 SGD to renew for next 10 years !!!

October 2012 - Took over the Wifes Santa Fe. Very Thirsty

February 2014 - Had to scrap the Santa Fe.

It was 10 years old and would have cost 80,000 SGD ( about 40,000 Stlg Pounds !!! ) to renew COE.
Bought 7 year old Jaguar X Type, 2.1L Automatic

November 2016 - Had to scrap the Jaguar.

It was 10 years old and would have cost me 80,000 SGD ( about 40,000 Stlg Pounds !!! ) to renew COE.
Bought 8 year old Audi A4 T Automatic

( Last updated 14th November 2016 ) .


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